About Us

Tamika & Friends, Inc. was founded in 2005 by cervical cancer survivor and advocate Tamika Felder. A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are community-based – dedicated to raising awareness about cervical cancer and its link to HPV (human papillomavirus).

Our Founder, Tamika, and our Executive Director, Angela C. Mack, run daily operations. Our amazing volunteers are responsible for the wide range of activities described below. We are governed by a Board of Directors and consult a Medical Advisory Board.

Tamika & Friends invites all women and men to join us. We want to connect with you. We welcome your energy and enthusiasm as we spread the word: Cervical cancer is entirely preventable. You just have to know what to do.


Our website supports activities such as these:

  • We provide detailed information on how to prevent, test and treat cervical cancer.
  • We link to numerous external resources.
  • We invite readers to contribute survivor, tribute and caregiver stories.
  • We sponsor an online support group and email newsletters – as well as links to other trustworthy online communities.
  • We encourage direct communication with Tamika & Friends leaders.
  • We work with the Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer.
  • We connect readers with social workers to answer questions and provide advice
  • We invite applications for financial assistance to women with cervical cancer and their caregivers.
  • We provide a Sponsor Kit for individuals and organizations able to provide financial help.

House Parties of fiVe (HPVs)

We began this program in 2005, and we’ve loved watching it take off.

House Parties of fiVe (HPVs) mix girl talk with party fun to help women talk comfortably and frankly about their sexual health. An HPV host invites at least five friends over for the afternoon or evening. The host chooses the party theme right for her friends. For some friends it’s poetry, for others karaoke, and for some friends risqué party games are the draw. Whatever the theme, no one feels lectured. At party’s end, many pledge to visit their healthcare providers for Pap tests and/or HPV tests. Plenty of materials are available for friends to pass on to their family and friends. Click for more information on House Parties of fiVe.

To keep House Parties of fiVe growing, each year Tamika & Friends promotes a mega HPV Retreat. Hundreds of potential house party hosts attend the event. At the HPV Retreat, Tamika & Friends leaders, along with advocates for women’s health, provide educational resources and, of course, our hard-won knowledge on how to host a dynamite HPV party. Click for more information on HPV Retreat.

Financial Assistance

Gift of Giving

In 2006, Tamika & Friends started the Gift of Giving program, through which cervical cancer patients and survivors receive financial gifts based on need. These gifts can cover medical bills – but can also pay for life’s necessities such as groceries. This program is rooted in Tamika’s own experience. During her treatment, a friend gave her $500 to help her through the tough financial days. When things were better for Tamika, her friend would not allow her to pay the $500 back. Tamika paid the gift forward to another cancer survivor. And so the circle continues today.

Tamika & Friends asks supporters to contribute to the Gift of Giving program. These funds go directly to cancer patients and survivors in need. Click for more information on Gift of Giving.

“Angel” Gift of Love

In honor and remembrance of the mother of our founder, Tamika & Friends has established the Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love to assist caregivers.

Caregivers give of themselves to someone facing cervical cancer. They perform the many tasks essential to friends and loved ones going through treatment and recovery. This is a daunting and exhausting – and often over-looked job. Tamika & Friends know from our own experience that caregivers are the keystone to becoming well again.

We ask supporters to nominate caregivers who could use a hand. We provide them with the “Angel” Gift of Love, which takes the form of a gift card. It could be for gasoline, groceries, a spa treatment– whatever that caregiver needs most.

Tamika & Friends asks supporters to contribute to the Angel” Gift of Love program. These funds go directly to caregivers who have been nominated and vetted. Click for more information on “Angel” Gift of Love.

Walk to Beat the Clock!

In 2007, Tamika & Friends created a walk to raise awareness of HPV and cervical cancer. We wanted to publicly celebrate women who have survived, remember those who have lost their battle and support those who fight cervical cancer today.

Each year we invite survivors, caregivers, women who are still battling the disease – and their many friends. Click for more information on Walk to Beat the Clock!

Wear Orange Day

January is National Cervical Health Awareness month. Since 2006 Tamika & Friends has sponsored a Wear Orange Day. On this day, participants wear orange, the color of a healthy cervix, to work or school. Complementing their bold wardrobe, participants distribute educational materials to colleagues, friends and family. The event is has spread globally – as far as Egypt. Our official date is the third Wednesday in January, but of course you can choose any day to wear orange and to spread the word. Click for more information on Wear Orange Day.