Financial Assistance Program

To say that dealing with cervical cancer is “difficult” is an understatement. It can forever change your life and the lives of those around you. If you’re also worried about paying monthly bills, or your insurance doesn’t cover fertility preservation, or you’d like to repay the kindness of a caregiver but don’t have the funds, it’s that much harder. Tamika is grateful for the help she received from friends and family during her own battle with cervical cancer. In this spirit of paying it forward, Tamika & Friends has set up three financial assistance plans: the Gift of Giving (to help cancer patients and survivors move ahead with their lives), the Gift of Love (a gift for gratitude for caregivers; nominate someone who’s shown you love), and the Gift of Life (to assist women seeking fertility preservation, surrogacy or adoption).  Click the links below for more information about each assistance plan.

Gift of Giving Application

"Angel" Gift of Love Application