Angel Gift of Love Application

The Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love
(November 18, 1931 – December 20, 2008)

In honor of the life and legacy of Mary Ann Felder, the beloved mother of our founder, who departed from mortality to immortality December 20, 2008, the Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love has been established in support of caregivers of cervical cancer patients.

Mary AnnMary AnnTamika and her Mother Mary AnnMary AnnMary Ann

Growing up in Summerville, SC as a daddy’s girl, Tamika lost her father to colon cancer during her senior year of high school. She was inconsolable. She threw her energy into planning her future. Just as those plans were being realized, cervical cancer invaded her world. When Tamika was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of twenty-five, one of the first persons that she confided in was her mother. Her mother was in town that spring visiting with Tamika on the day she was diagnosed. Though they shared a very unique relationship, this experience proved to be a time of metamorphosis in both of their lives. Tamika’s mother grew up in an era when women guarded their privacy and her daughter chose to go public with her very personal business. They learned from each other. Mary Ann supported her daughters’ message to end cervical cancer.

Tamika’s mother was not one to travel often. Her great love, beyond her close-knit family, was her yard/gardens. Every one came to get their gifts of vegetables and fruit. As any loving mother would do in a crisis, Tamika’s mother packed her bags and returned to care for her. Though she did not drive, she was there for the surgery, recuperation, and treatments. Just as Mary Ann had done for her husband and her brother who lost their battles with cancer, she never left Tamika’s side. She felt nothing but pride for the courage her daughter displayed. Mary Ann became a staunch supporter of Tamika & Friends after listening to her daughter speak and seeing the hope she gave to others. An avid walker, Mary Ann participated in the first two “Walks to Beat the Clock” held in DC. Watching her daughter defy the odds and come back from the brink of death was no easy feat. She was heard saying “God, I don’t know how you did it, but you brought my baby back from the grave and I thank you.”

In honor of her life and sacrifice, Tamika & Friends, Inc. has established the Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love to assist caregivers. This gift comes in the form of a gift card for uses, such as but not limited to, gas, food, spa, parking fees, etc.

We honor all “Angels” like Mary Ann Felder. If you know of a deserving “Angel” that you would like to nominate for this award you may do so by completing this online form.