Young adults with cancer

Young adults can get cervical cancer. We know, cancer is weird and not fair.

You’re supposed to be having fun, finding yourself, screwing up, doing great things. And instead you’re sick. Even if you don’t feel sick you’re supposed to act as if you are. And if you do feel sick, what, exactly, is the point?

You may still be in school, or looking for a job, or working in a job. You may be all set to travel the world or climb up the company ladder, or just hang out.

You might be dating or not dating, about to break up, or about to start with someone new. And now what? A pity date?

And then there are your parents. Whatever’s going on between you and them, you didn’t expect to need this kind of help at this time of your life. The whole idea was to step out.

So it sucks. And you need to talk with someone like you – someone who understands what it’s like to be a young adult with cancer. Go to our Browse Our Resources page and scroll down to Young Adult Cancer Organizations.


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