Atlanta Chapter

I still remember meeting Tamika in high school. She was quite an outgoing and outspoken individual who loved to be around people. Not much has changed to this day. Over the past 18 years that I have known Tamika our friendship has grown and although we may not speak everyday or even every week, we still can pick up the phone and it is like we just spoke yesterday. I remember the day that I found out Tamika was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was in shock and disbelief. Even though I did not talk to her much while she was going through this, I did think about her everyday and still kept wondering how this could happen to one of my friends and especially, Tamika. It is amazing what you think when you are not educated in a specific area. Since Tamika has started Tamika and Friends I no longer wonder how this could happen to her, because I know that this could happen to any women young or old.

I am so proud of Tamika starting this journey and still remember the day she flew to down to have her first Atlanta meeting. I will never forget the joy on her face when I met her and Angie for that meeting. I look forward to the future of the Atlanta Chapter of Tamika and Friends and hope that as a community we can educate more women about Cervical Cancer and HPV. There is not one woman that should have to die because of this disease!

Kenya C. Hughes
T&F Atlanta Chapter