Columbia, SC Chapter

I met Tamika I believe in 1995 when we were all in college. She was friends with my two really good friends from high school, one of which is Angela, Executive Director of T&F. Tamika being the sweet, caring, funny and lovable person that she is became my friend as well. I kept up with the goings on of Tamika through Angela. When she told me that Tamika had cervical cancer it blew my mind. How could someone as young as her and as full of life as her have cancer? These were some of the questions that I couldn’t get off of my mind.

When Tamika started T&F to bring awareness of HPV and how it causes cervical cancer and how preventable this disease is and it doesn’t matter your age, race or status in life, is when those burning questions in my mind were answered. Through T&F I have been educated about the cause of cervical cancer, how it can be prevented and what we can do to make people aware. Because of Tamika’s struggle and all she has endured and will continue to endure and the many women out there like her, I volunteer and fight to end cervical cancer so no other mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc. will have to fight this fight for a disease that is 100% PREVENTABLE!

Shawn Thomas
T&F Columbia, SC Chapter