Caregivers Support

Who are caregivers?

Caregivers give of themselves to someone facing cervical cancer. They give a ride to treatment, help out with household chores, look after the little ones, take the kids to school, quietly slip some dollars into the purse when needed – or just are there. They focus on all the things that have to be done, so their loved one can focus on treatment and recovery.

But though love can be infinite, energy and time are not. Many caregivers don’t easily recognize, or acknowledge, the stress they’re under while taking care of someone else. Caregivers themselves are at risk: for depression, anxiety and financial problems. Their relationships may fray, and they may not allow themselves the luxury of taking care of how they look and feel.

Many caregivers feel they can’t share these feelings with the person they’re taking care of. They’re supposed to give support, not ask for it!

If you’re a cervical cancer caregiver, we know you need taking care of too. We’re here to help you.

This is our support space

This web page is devoted to caregivers. We can share ups and downs, and lean on each other for support. There are many tips and tricks we can share to help alleviate some of the stress. We can give each other permission to feel tired, angry, scared and sad. We can also help each other reconnect with the place in ourselves that made us care in the first place.

Let’s share our stories and connect.  Coming soon!

The Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love

Please click "Angel" Gift of Love Application to learn more about Tamika’s extraordinary mother and to nominate a caregiver for the Mary Ann Felder “Angel” Gift of Love.